M. F. K. Fisher The Gastronomical Me - 1943 Wartime Book

This M.F.K Fisher Gastronomical Me book is a 1943 wartime printing of her memoir. It is not a cookbook. Fisher recounts her first taste of French cooking and the memorable meals she shared with fascinating people. Written pre-World War II, this is the original book (second printing) copyrighted 1943. 


Format: Hardcover, 295 pages 

Copyright: 1943 

Publisher: Duell Sloan and Pearce 

Author: M.F.K. Fisher 

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Description: In 1929, a newly married M.F.K. Fisher said goodbye to a milquetoast American culinary upbringing and sailed with her husband to Dijon, where she tasted real French cooking for the first time. The Gastronomical Me is a chronicle of her passionate embrace of a whole new way of eating, drinking, and celebrating the senses. As she recounts memorable meals shared with an assortment of eccentric and fascinating characters, set against a backdrop of mounting pre-war tensions, we witness the formation not only of her taste but of her character and her prodigious talent.  


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in nice condition. Dust jacket is missing. Front cover has two small spots. First blank page has a lengthy name written in pencil from the book's original owner.  

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