Luchow's German Cookbook New York Restaurant

Luchow's German Cookbook from the famous New York Restaurant is a vintage  classic. It includes the story of the restaurant along with favorite recipes. This is a collectible cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover, 224 pages  (English) 

Copyright: 1952 

Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc. 

Author: Jan Mitchell 

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Description: "Luchow's is more than a restaurant; it is a way of life." For seventy years this almost legendary eating place has remained a bulwark of Old World charm against the noisy tides of commerce -- unchanged since that more leisurely age when Fourteenth Street, where Luchow's stands, was New York's musical and cultural main street. Here, in an opulent atmosphere of mahogany and May wine, Strauss and Streuselkuchen, starch-fronted waiters scurry between well-laid tables and well-fed guests with such fragrant dishes as Wiener Schnitzel, Huhn im Topf, and Sauerbraten mit Kartoffel Klosse. 

Luchow's German Cookbook is more than a book of recipes; it is the next best thing to visiting the famous restaurant itself. Mr. Mitchell's fascinating and lovingly written history of Luchow's takes you through the spacious dining rooms with their works of art, stags' heads, fabulous collection of steins, and echoes of an event-crowded past. This chapter is filled with candid anecdotes of famous Luchow devotees over the years and tells the story of the restaurant itself since it was founded by genial August Luchow in 1882. 

The recipes represent the first collection of authentic and purely German dishes to be published in America. Many of them are the favorites of well-known Luchow guests (did you know, for instance, that Marlene Dietrich's favorite is Vienna Backhendl with Moselle?), and the recipe pages are sprinkled with revealing items about celebrities, together with interesting notes on how the dishes are prepared and served in the restaurant. 


Condition: Cover edges have worn cover material. Further, good condition. 

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