Louis P. DeGouy Gold Cookbook - French Recipes

Louis P. DeGouy Gold French Cookbook is a 1960 printing of the 1947 edition of the French classic. DeGouy was considered a master chef. This cookbook was first published the year he died in 1947. With over 2,400 recipes, this comprehensive French cookbook volume is a wonderful book for your collection. For those of you interested in French cooking, this is a must-have to own. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 1256 pages. 

Copyright: 1960, Book Club Edition 

Publisher: Galahad Books 

Author: Louis P. DeGouy 

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Description: It is almost axiomatic that a cook book by Louis P. De Gouy means a culinary classic. In this present volume, Master Chef De Gouy offers his masterpiece -- the long- awaited general cook book for American homes. A monumental work that has taken many years to assemble, it includes nearly 2,500 recipes for American and European dishes, planned to delight the palates of both the person of simple tastes and the bon vivant. 

Mr. De Gouy has the gift of making cooking an adventure. Even the plainest dishes somehow become exciting; and for those of bolder spirit, there are many roads opening to new and unexpected gustatory pleasures. He writes with infectious enthusiasm for his subject, salting the book with anecdotes and amusing tales on the origin and the history of various foods and dishes, with bits of philosophy and poetry about the timeless art of cooking and eating. 

Mr. De Gouy began his career as chef under his famous father, who was then Esquire of Cuisine to the late Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. Later he studied under the renowned Escoffier. In time, his name became associated with some of the great culinary establishments in Europe and America. In France: Grand Hotel, Hotel Regina, Hotel du Louvre, Hotel de Paris, and Monte Carlo. In England: Carlton Hotel. In Spain: Casino of San Sebastian. In America: the old Hotel Belmont and the old Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. He served as Chef Steward aboard the J. P. Morgan yacht Wild Duck when it made its cruise around the world. 


Condition: Dust jacket has some spots, and small tears. Further good condition. 

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