Log Cabin Cooking: Pioneer Recipes and Food Lore

Log Cabin Cooking: Pioneer Recipes and Food Lore is a cookbook booklet with recipes that makes use of ingredients that would have been available on the American frontier 150 years ago. Take leave of your modern-day cookbooks and kitchen gadgets and try your hand at some make-do pioneer cooking with the help of the Log Cabin Cooking cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, 64 pages. 

Copyright: 1996 

Publisher: Native Ground Music 

Author: Barbara Swell 

ISBN: 9781883206253

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Description: Log Cabin Cooking: Pioneer Recipes and Food Lore. This cookbook includes: 

  • Pioneer Recipes 
  • Hearth Cooking 
  • Food Insults 
  • Pioneer Etiquette 
  • Kitchen Proverbs 
  • Cake Superstitions 
  • Jump Rope Rhymes 
  • Make a Squashaphone 
  • Faux Food Recipes 
  • Biscuit Savings 
  • 19th Century Photos 
  • Make-Do Cooking 

Some of the recipes included in the Log Cabin Cooking cookbook: 

  • Sour Dough Bread 
  • Ash Cake 
  • Thomas Jefferson's Spoonbread 
  • Portable Soup 
  • Apples and Buttons 
  • Dandelion Salad 
  • Leather Britches 
  • Blackberry Pie 
  • Fairy Cookies 
  • Poor Man's Pudding 



Condition: Good condition. 

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