Loaf and Ladle Restaurant Cookbook Exeter, New Hampshire

Loaf and Ladle Restaurant Cookbook Exeter, New Hampshire takes you to the New England restaurant known for its soups, salads, and breads. Here you'll find over 250 recipes from the Loaf and Ladle. This is the second edition with 90 new recipes in it. Fans of the restaurant will enjoy preparing its popular recipes like Hungarian Stew, Hot Cross Buns, Pumpkin Soup, and Chicken Pot Pie. 


Format: Softcover, 228 pages 

Copyright: 1983, Second Edition 

Publisher: Down East Books. 

Author: Joan S. Harlow 

ISBN: 9780892721818

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Description: The Author and the Restaurant Daughter of a New England country innkeeper, Joan Harlow has been a librarian and a professional singer but most people in Exeter, New Hampshire, know her as the proprietor of The Loaf and Ladle, one of the first, and surely one of the best, soup, salad and bread restaurants in America. 

More than ten years ago, Joan was visiting friends in Exeter, home of Phillips Exeter Academy, and one of the four oldest towns in New Hampshire. She observed that the bustling downtown lacked a good restaurant and soon, in a rambling old building beside the Exeter River, The Loaf and Ladle was born. While the reader may not be able to walk The Loaf and Ladle's tilting floors to dine amongst hanging plants and original works of art, the same good food can be prepared at home with this delightful book. 

The Cookbook Recipes such as Hungarian Stew, Herb Parmesan Bread or Spinach and Cheese Pie may sound exotic, but Joan Harlow has written an eminently readable book. Anyone with an appreciation for food will enjoy her practical language laced with humor. 

The more than 250 recipes, covering breads, salads, stews, desserts, hors d'oeuvres and beverages have been tested the best way by being served to hosts of loyal returning customers during the past decade. Thousands of the first edition of this cookbook have been sold all over the country and here, with 90 new recipes, Joan Harlow shares more of her favorite dishes written in her own easy to follow style. 


Condition: Good condition with minor wear to cover corner tips. 

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