The Little House Cookbook

Little House Cookbook, Frontier Foods from Laura Ingalls Wilder Stories, brings you 100 recipes based on Little House on the Prairie and additional books in the series. The cookbook includes recipes for dishes like White Flour Dumplings (Sour Milk Biscuits) or Pancake Men mentioned in one of the stories. Fans of the Little House books that love to cook will most definitely enjoy this special cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, 240 pages 

Copyright: 1991 

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

Author: Barbara M. Walker 

ISBN: 9780590453714

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Description: Here are over 100 authentic recipes of classic pioneer food, the food that Laura Ingalls and her family ate as they traveled from the woods of Wisconsin to the Dakota Territory. All of these recipes, from pancake men to vanity cakes, are mentioned in her beloved "Little House" books, and all have been adapted for a modern kitchen. 

Even more than a cookbook, though, this collection is a social history of frontier life. On the frontier, feeding the family was a task that took most of everyone's time. Pa pursued the food with gun, trap, and plow; Ma prepared and preserved it; and the children helped in both activities. This cookbook celebrates the rich communion of a pioneer family working, cooking, and eating together, in a time when putting food on the table meant more than just a meal; it meant survival.


Condition: Good condition. 

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