Lily Loh's Chinese Seafood Cookbook - SIGNED

Lily Loh's Chinese Seafood and Vegetables Cookbook is a signed Chinese recipes cookbook. It contains a step-by-step approach to cooking and type is in large format for easy reading. Each recipe contains a difficult level score.  


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 221 pages - Signed by Author 

Copyright: 1991. First edition 

Publisher: Solana Publishing Company 

Author: Lily Loh 

ISBN: 9780963029904

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Description: Lily Loh has been teaching Chinese cooking since 1976. At that time the students simply wanted to learn how to cook their favorite Chinese dishes, such as spareribs and Chow Mein. Today, everyone is interested in learning a healthier way to eat. Red meat and rich foods are losing their former popularity. Grocery stores are expanding their seafood departments, and they are selling a greater variety of Oriental vegetables, tofu, and other similar ingredients. 

The Chinese diet has always been considered healthier and less fattening than the Western diet. In China, fish is eaten almost daily. Meat is served only sparingly. Butter, cream, and cheese are not used in Chinese cuisine. Instead, seafood, tofu, vegetables, and rice make a typical meal for the average Chinese family. 

This cookbook is written to instruct readers how to plan a delicious and healthy menu. It offers a clear and concise approach to Chinese cooking. The book is written with a how-to and step-by-step approach. It is illustrated with beautiful color pictures, numerous clear drawings, charts, wise sayings from China, and Chinese characters to enhance the reader's enjoyment of the cookbook and understanding of Chinese cooking techniques. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in very nice condition. Dust jacket's bottom edge is slightly creased. Back cover has a few light srapemarks. 

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