Liberace Cooks Cookbook

Liberace Cooks Cookbook depicts the famous singer at work, only not behind the piano or microphone, but behind the kitchen counter or stove. You will enjoy some of his gourmet recipes like Steak Flambe, Pot Au Feu, Corn Chowder, Grand Marnier Souffle, and Austrian Torte. This cookbook is considered a top cookbook collectible! 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 225 pages.

Copyright: 1970

Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc.

Author: Carol Truax

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Description: "Food and music are the best things in life," says Mr. Showmanship. Millions of people appreciate Liberace's talent for music, but how many know of his flair for cooking?

Carol Truax discovered it while Liberace reminisced one day about his childhood. "It was the depression in those days. Mom was a great cook, but she had to go to work, and who was there to make the meals but me? I enjoyed it..." That enjoyment kept pace with Liberace's growing success. "I lived through so many years without having anything, that I always promised myself that if I got successful, I'd buy everything I wanted for myself, my family, and my friends. And I did, and I do!"

And in this delightful culinary trip to Liberace's stunning Hollywood home, Carol Truax has captured his spirit of lavish giving. She tells about the man himself, describes his house, his style of living and entertaining that everyone may emulate in some measure, and presents hundreds of recipes drawn from Liberace's Polish and Italian parents.

Liberace may live on the grand scale in harmony with his fame and public image for style, but he, like most people, often eats breakfast in the kitchen or dinner before the TV screen, or serves lunch on the terrace. From formal dinners to outdoor barbecues, Liberace shares his menus and recipes all may use to lend zest to everyday and party occasions.


Condition: Back of dust jacket has tears. Inside cover has gift inscription. Further great condition. 

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