Let My People Eat Jewish Cookbook - Passover Seders Made Simple

Let My People Eat Jewish Cookbook - Passover Seders Made Simple is a Sedar planner with tips, recipes and more to make your Passover a memorable Jewish holiday celebration. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 210 pages 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Macmillan 

Author: Zell Schulman 

ISBN: 9780028612591

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Description: When it comes to Passover, are your Four Questions": What is the Seder plate and where can I find it? What goes on the Seder plate? Are there traditional dishes for the festive meal? I know I can't serve bread, but what else is forbidden? 

If so, Let My People Eat! is the book for you. Author Zell Schulman will put your mind at ease with this complete Passover guide. Let My People Eat! is your educational tool as well as cookbook for the Passover Seder. 

A traditional Seder table is surrounded by Jewish families and friends who gather to celebrate Passover, sharing treasured family recipes and engaging in ceremonial customs that have become a part of their lives. Seated around many of our Seder tables today are young adults eager to establish their own Jewish customs, intermarried couples interested in learning new religious practices, and those of other religions who enjoy participating in this holiday, which is rich in heritage and tradition. Let My People Eat! brings all of the Passover rituals and recipes, as well as some more contemporary variations, to your Seder table in a simple-to-follow format. 

Zell takes you by the hand and helps you plan your Seder. She provides lists, explanations, and sources for everything from ceremonial objects to stocking your Passover pantry. She explains the many ways you can prepare the Seder plate and set your Seder table, including the recipes and symbolic meanings. With detailed diagrams of the Seder plate and Seder table, preparing for Passover has never been so easy. 

And of course, there is the festive meal. (What would a Jewish holiday be without the food?) Whether you're new to Jewish cooking, looking for new recipes, or restricted by special diet needs, Zell has a menu for you: Ashkenazic, Sephardic, "Off the Shelf," Healthful, Vegetarian, and Ecumenical Potluck (recipes with other religious and ethnic flavors that allow your guests to participate in the cooking). At the end of each menu, Zell offers a shopping list and a schedule for preparing your Seder meal in advance so you can sit and enjoy this meaningful holiday with your family and friends. 

What if you have a vegetarian at the table but traditionally serve brisket? You can either mix and match the dishes from the Ashkenazic and Vegetarian menus or choose something from the "Additional Recipes" chapter and create your own delicious Seder menu. Let My People Eat! enables people from all backgrounds to enjoy the Passover Seder -- including the cook! 

In addition, there is a chapter on kosher wines and food pairings, a Passover pronunciation key and glossary, and ingredient substitutions that are kosher for Passover. 

This year, have the Seder at your house. Let My People Eat! really does make Passover Seders simple. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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