Leipoldt's Cape Cookery Cookbook

Leipoldt's Cape Cookery cookbook brings you recipes from South Africa. This is one of the few books on the region's cuisine. The format is a bit difficult to follow, but for those of you who are seeking an authentic cookbook for South African cuisine than this is a great find. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 158 pages. 

Copyright: 1983 

Publisher: W.J. Flesch & Partners 

Author: C. Louis Leipoldt 

ISBN: 9780949989154

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Description: The Cape has always felt that its human resources are among its chief riches. As the cradle of our Western way of life its people have made a point of finding time to cultivate themselves, as well as their vineyards and their cooking; their wheat fields; their oak trees standing sentry over curliqued gables; their savour for the sea ... Lovers of the good life have found a natural home here; so have men of letters; and so have eccentrics and non-conformists. 

This whole background was perfectly exemplified in Dr. C. Louis Leipoldt, a great Kapenaar who found his ease in both the Afrikaner and English milieux, yet continually managed to startle them from any tendency to complacency. 

Cooking was only one of many talents in this many -- faceted man -- but this manuscript, published now for the first time, can be regarded as the definitive work in English on the Cape Table. 

His Kos Vir Die Kenner has long been a classic in Afrikaans, but this entirely independent cookbook with its racy running commentary was only recently discovered when the papers in his estate were being sorted by the executors. It is published now at the express wish of his literary executor, Peter Shields of Constantia. Its future is assured as an obvious piece of Africana, reflecting contemporaneously a special way of life that is fast becoming blurred at the edges, and as a record of the special gees that now seems so threatened from beyond our borders . . . 


Condition: The title page has a length inscription ink to the original book owner. 

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