Le Dome Restaurant Cookbook - Hollywood

Le Dome at Home cookbook shares 22 complete menus with recipes from Eddie Kerkhofs, the former owner of Le Dome restaurant in West Hollywood. Kerkhof brings you truly gourmet dishes from Salmon Rillettes to Baked Apples with Lingonberry Jam. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 241 pages 

Copyright: 1996. First edition 

Publisher: Doubleday 

Author: Eddie Kerkhofs 

ISBN: 9780385421331

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Description: Successful home entertaining, says well-known chef and bon vivant Eddie Kerkhofs, is "a matter of a little attitude and a little know-how." In Le Dome at Home, his long-awaited collection of sumptuous and easy menus for the nonprofessional cook and home entertainer, Kerkhofs provides all the know-how he has achieved from fifteen years of running a successful restaurant and hosting countless convivial dinner parties at home -- the attitude to be supplied by the at-home chef. 

Le Dome at Home includes 22 complete menus for dinner parties that serve a couple or a crowd, many of them using dishes Kerkhofs learned at his childhood home in Belgium. The simple recipes range from those that are elegant, such as Poached Salmon in Champagne Dill Sauce, to the homey and robust Veal Stew with Mustard and Mashed Potatoes. Each menu contains a schedule of do-ahead steps and timetables designed to guarantee anxiety-free entertaining with no last-minute kitchen disasters. 

Jovially introducing each menu with anecdotes from his childhood, his early life in America, and his encounters with Hollywood's elite, Eddie Kerkhofs manages to do the impossible -- to translate his professional experience into truly amateur terms so that every recipe and instruction is well within the grasp of any cook, with results that are as delicious and satisfying as a night at Le Dome. 


Condition: Bookboards and interior pages are in beautiful condition. Dust jacket's top and bottom edge at the spine are slightly creased 

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