Le Cordon Bleu At Home

Le Cordon Bleu At Home is a complete course of more than 300 recipes that will teach you how to cook classic French cuisine from the world's most famous cooking school. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 578 pages. 

Copyright: 1991 

Publisher: William Morrow Cookbooks 

Author: Le Cordon Bleu 

ISBN: 9780688097509

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Description: Here is the first English-language cookbook from the Parisian cooking school whose very name epitomizes excellence. Le Cordon Bleu at Home provides a solid understanding of the philosophy and skills taught for nearly a century in the school's nine-month "Classic Cycle" course. Moving through three stages, from basic to advanced techniques, this in-depth approach to classical French cuisine offers a series of easy-to-follow menus and recipes that correspond to classes at the school. Nearly three hundred beautiful color photographs depict finished dishes, serving ideas, and cooking techniques at each stage through completion. 

Learning to cook means mastering the fundamentals. In "Part One: Getting Started," you'll learn how to roast, poach, fry, saute, braise, and stew. You'll learn which cuts of meat are most appropriate for a dish, which utensils to use and how to use them, and preliminary preparations that simplify tasks. The menus focus on basic dishes -- from roast chicken and lamb to pan-fried sole, apple fritters, and poached fruit. 

"Part Two: Perfecting Skills" takes you through pastry making and introduces such preparations as pates, souffles, consommes, and more. This is where you'll find such glorious dishes as Daube d'Agneau Avignonnaise (braised lamb cooked as it is in Avignon), Tournedos Baltimore (tenderloin steaks with Chateaubriand sauce), and Pilaf de Volaille a la Turque (Turkish-style pilaf with zucchini and oranges), created by Henri-Paul Pellaprat, one of the school's most famous instructors. 

Ultimately, no one truly "finishes" learning -- the best chefs endlessly hone their skills. For advanced cooks, "Part Three: Finishing Touches" emphasizes the creative aspect of cooking: how to turn an applesauce and bread dessert into an extraordinary Charlotte aux Pommes, or steak into Steak Mirabeau, criss- crossed with anchovy fillets and served with anchovy butter. Menus stimulate the imagination as well as the appetite: Oie Farcie aux Marrons et aux Pommes (traditional Christmas goose with a chestnut stuffing), and Feuilletds aux Poires Chauds au Sabayon (pears in puff pastry with a sabayon sauce). There's also a collection of classic showpieces with recipes for such extravaganzas as Barbue Soufflee Aida (salmon-stuffed flounder with miniature puff pastry shells filled with oysters and spinach). 

Le Cordon Bleu is the creme de la creme of cooking schools, and this is an indispensable volume for everyone interested in learning about the ageless art of French cooking. Combining time-honored traditions with the latest, most sophisticated methods and a variety of recipes ranging from standard at-home fare to classic, regional, and modern dishes, this is the ultimate state-of-the-art book on French cuisine. 


Condition: Good condition. Back of jacket has a worn patch of cover material over the bar code area where a sticker was likely removed.  

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