Le Caprice Restaurant Cookbook London

Le Caprice Restaurant Cookbook from the acclaimed London restaurant brings you favorite recipes from its menus. Since the 1940s, this restaurant has been a go-to for creative Londoners. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 208 pages 

Copyright: 1999 

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton 

Author: AA Gill 

ISBN: 9780340738382

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Description: The famed London restaurant, Le Caprice, has been a contemporary restaurant since the forties. It is not a modern restaurant -- a contemporary is someone who shares your tastes, style and experience and someone modern tells you what taste and style you should be experiencing.  

Le Caprice reflects the appetites of creative London. Everyone who has added an exclamation mark to the cultural life of the capital has voted on this menu at some time or other. This is a restaurant that has always been run by the customer's delight rather than the chef's whims. 

From simply the best Eggs Benedict and Chopped Steak to the Epicurean Baked Razor Clams and Truffle-Studded Roast Capon, the recipes from Le Caprice are a directory of what fashionable London fancies on a plate most often. Whether it is the lightest lunch, a restorative brunch or an indulgent first-night celebration, Le Caprice provides with practised elan and panache. 

Alongside the recipes for Le Caprice's favourite dishes, AA Gill takes a characteristically idiosyncratic look at the history of food and why eating out has become the most popular social and cultural activity in recent years. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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