Larousse Light French Cooking Cookbook

Larousse Light French Cooking Cookbook offers cooks who love French cuisine, a way to prepare amazing French recipes within the large calorie count. These are light French dishes and celebrate the French Provinces. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 320 pages 

Copyright: 1981 

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company 

Author: Dr. Vanet, Thiriet-Vuibout and Kamman 

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Description: People who love to eat, are often also those who need to watch their weight or to diet. The publishers of the Nouveau Larousse Gastronomique bring you a cookbook of low calorie, delicious French recipes that you can enjoy yet help you watch your weight. Madeline Kamman, a splendid professional chef, mother and housewife, tested each recipe on herself and family with dramatic results in weight loss, weight maintenance, satisfaction and solid nutrition that meet the standards of Larousse. The French version of this cookbook was published in France during the same year as Michel Guerard's Cuisine Minceur, yet Light French Cooking is designed for the home cook and has therefore sold widely in France. 

The Weight Control Method is straightforward with sauces, compound butters and salad dressings that are low in calories, yet taste typically French. The dietary advice on which foods to eat, which to avoid and plentiful substitutes are arranged specifically around French cuisine. A unique, yet simple approach is taken to control calorie intake by controlling the size of portions eaten in each course of the meal. There is no longer any need for the punishing diet of dry toast, cottage cheese, plain yoghurt, hard boiled eggs and salads without dressing. 

Part I Light French Cooking embodies a major trend in French cooking toward lightness. The sauces in this section avoid the use of flour, butter and cream in favor of basic stocks that are easy to make, store for future use and add that French flavor you expect. Ingenious compound butters are also slimming as are the salad dressings. The emphasis on the natural savor of good food comes through in wide variety without resorting to fattening items normally associated with French cooking. 

Part II Celebration Menus presents a gastronomic tour of the French Provinces in the spirit of nouvelle cuisine and for a change of pace from the lower calorie fare. These are entirely original recipes, never available before, for five course meals. They are arranged by regions of France from Provence, Languedoc, Bordeaux and Armagnac in the south to Brittany, Normandy, Perigord and Alsace in the north. Charming insights into the cultural background are given for the foods typical of each province. These are feasts for celebration without overdoing. 

Versatility: You can use this book in a variety of ways: 

  • Follow Dr. Vanet's program on a daily basis to lose or maintain weight as needed by yourself, family and friends.
  • Select recipes periodically that fit into your own diet program.
  • Add low calorie sauces, compound butters, salad dressings and cooking techniques from this book to your own permanent repertoire for use with your own and others' recipes.
  • Enjoy the provincial recipes in their own right.

Other special features: 

  • Low calorie French bread recipe
  • Wine and cheese suggestions for dieting
  • A list of nutritious low calorie foods used in French cuisine
  • Handy cooking techniques on baking, braising and broiling
  • A glossary of terms which is a mini-course in French cooking
  • Cultural introductions to each regional menu


Condition: Very good condition, quality used cookbook. 

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