Larousse Gastronomique 1998

Larousse Gastronomique new American edition of the world's greatest culinary encyclopedia is a classic cookbook compendium of French cooking and can be used by beginning and expert cooks alike. This edition has 4,000 recipes and 1,000 color illustrations. This cookbook retailed for $60 at the time of publishing. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 1,193 pages. 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Crown Publishers 

Author: Jenifer Lang  (editor)

ISBN: 9780517570326

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Description: "It is a work so towering and so meticulously put together, the reader must stand back in utter awe....A volume that should be of extraordinary interest to anyone with a serious interest in gastronomy as an art." So wrote Craig Claiborne in praise of the first American edition of Larousse Gastronomique in 1971. 

Today Larousse is still recognized as the definitive reference book for amateur and professional cooks alike. It is truly an encyclopedia -- from Abaisse (a sheet of uncooked pastry) to Zwieback (a cracker) -- that explains virtually everything there is to know about classical cuisine. 

This new edition of Larousse Gastronomique has been totally rewritten and expanded by Robert J. Courtine, the gastronomy editor of France's Le Monde, to reflect a contemporary sensibility. There are now many more wine entries (all major wine-producing countries are covered) and there is a much greater emphasis on international cuisines. For example, Larousse now has extensive sections on Chinese and Japanese cooking, as well as recipes for such American regional dishes as banana splits. Also included are sections on new culinary appliances such as the microwave oven and the food processor and the latest in nutritional information. The illustrations have been completely redone and, for the first time, Larousse Gastronomique is now fully in color. 

Larousse Gastronomique has been Americanized by Jenifer Harvey Lang, noted food journalist, cook, and author of Tastings: The Best from Ketchup to Caviar. All recipes have been adapted for use in American kitchens: American measurements are given beside metric and imperial, and foreign cooking terms such as "double cream" and "trotters" are amplified by their American counterparts (heavy cream and feet). 

While all these changes "modernize" the book to some extent, they never alter its essence. Larousse Gastronomique remains the ultimate guide to classical cuisine and an unrivaled compendium of culinary knowledge. Who was Brillat-Savarin? How do you bone a chicken breast? What can you make with a bear paw? It's all in Larousse Gastronomique, the world's greatest culinary encyclopedia. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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