Junior League of Beaumont Cookbook: Lagniappe

Junior League of Beaumont, Texas presents Lagniappe A Little Something Extra cookbook with practical and polished recipes from its members. Lagniappe are the gourmet luncheons the League hosts and the menus led to the development of this cookbook. The recipes include the names of their respective contributors.  


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 350 pages 

Copyright: 1983, Second Edition 

Publisher: The Junior League of Beaumont, Inc. 

Author: Members of The Junior League of Beaumont, Texas 

ISBN: 9780960960408

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Description: Lagniappe, A Little Something Extra is a collection of polished, yet practical recipes seasoned with little hospitality hints, special how-to-somethings, menu extras for entertaining, even some secret family recipes. In an effort to ease the unbearable and invariable routine of eat, eat, eat, (three times a day for a lifetime), the Junior League of Beaumont offers this mini-adventure in mastering the endless bout to fill the mouth. 

This special Junior League of Beaumont cookbook attempts to incorporate conventional ingredients and techniques into a tasteful and sociable selection of alternatives for pleasing two hundred palates. The recipes herein represent original and traditional savored favorites, tested by competent and highly critical cooks. Sprinkled throughout the book are bonus "gifts" which denote the extra tips and hints. A special "Lagniappe" section offers exactly that -- full flavored menus, garnished with serving savvy and party possibilities. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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