La Potiniere and Friends Restaurant Great Britain Signed

La Potiniere and Friends: Restaurant Great Britain and Scotland is a signed cookbook inscribed by David Brown, co-owner of La Potiniere. Here is one of the area's top restaurants. Now you can make their recipes in your own home kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 224 pages, Imperial measurements - inscription to book's original owner from David Brown. 

Copyright: 1990 

Publisher: Hutchinson 

Author: David Brown and Hilary Brown 

ISBN: 9780712620437

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Description: Just half an hour from Edinburgh, on the main street of Gullane, is one of the best restaurants in Great Britain, let alone Scotland. Since it opened, the tiny and unassuming La Potiniere (which means 'the gossiping place') has earned unremitting praise from food and wine guides, food and wine writers, travellers and locals alike. This success has lent a new meaning to the phrase 'booking in advance': according to current myth, lunches, particularly those on Sunday, can be full for months ahead; and organising a Saturday evening visit requires an even greater degree of foresight -- a two-year waiting list is not unknown! 

La Potiniere is the creation of David and Hilary Brown, and they run it entirely on their own -- Hilary cooking, David waiting on tables and serving the wine. There is no choice on their four-course menu, but few, if any, have been heard to complain, as the ingredients are of the freshest, chosen and bought that day, the cooking displaying a rare skill. 

The arrangement of the Browns' book echoes that of the menu. First come the soups, which are delicate and fresh-tasting: they include tomato and mint -- rich, red, with a blob of cream in the middle -- and an enigmatic, velvety chestnut soup. The second course, where the imaginative power of the cooking is best seen, includes a famous, pale green, courgette souffle and a variety offish mousselines, sometimes flavoured with lemon, sometimes with orange and hazelnuts. Main courses are understated and French inspired: a juicily browned piece of farmyard chicken sauced with mushrooms and a touch of Pernod, a turkey breast with prunes, or small nuggets of lean beef topped with a richly flavoured sauce, or topping a pool of spicy lentils. Vegetables -- including the definitive dauphinois -- and crisp colourful salads serve as accompaniments. The desserts have been known to elicit whimpers from the most seasoned of palates -- a classic tarte citron, a chillingly good apricot cream, an unctuous chocolate parfait. 

The recipes are easy to read and follow, many evolving from a 'master' recipe, a philosophy particularly valuable for home cooks. They are packed with original flavour permutations for the unaware and fresh insights into technique for the unwary. The accompanying wine suggestions are a revelation, emanating as they do from David Brown, responsible fora list considered to be among the best in Britain. 

The Auld Alliance between France and Scotland reaches its heights in the success of La Potiniere. This is based on a simple formula, but the sophistication and sheer delight of the experience is one that few forget. If the only drawback of the restaurant seems to be either getting there or getting a table, the next best thing is to use this book to recreate that unique style at home. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has very light wear at corners. 

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