La Meilleure The Best of Louisiana Cookbook - Autographed

La Meilleure The Best of Louisiana Cookbook contains more than 600 recipes from top restaurants, and local plantation homes in the area. Each recipes states its contributor and location. This cookbook presents some amazing Southern recipes like Terre Haute House Gumbo or Eggplant Romano from Kacoo Olinde of Ralph & Kacoo's Restaurant. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 361 pages 

Copyright: December 1981, Third Printing 

Publisher: Wimmer Brothers

Author: Jude W. Theriot 

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Description: For over eight years, Jude W. Theriot, the author has reviewed and listed his choices of the best restaurants of the state, the plantation homes of the area and the fantastic festivals and fairs of Louisiana. Over 600 recipes are found inside. The past two years have held intensive research and planning for his cookbook, La Meilleure de la Louisiane or The Best of Louisiana. The author learned the art of cooking in his native Louisiana at the hands of his Acadian-French grandmother. 


Condition: Title page has a lengthy, rather interesting, inscription in ink from a gift giver. Cover has creases and edge wear. Further, good condition.

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