La Jolla Cooks Cookbook - San Diego

La Jolla Cooks Cookbook from the La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego contains a selection of almost 800 recipes. The cookbook presents a wide range of favorite dishes form the communit, with both practical and gourmet dishes alike. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 464 pages  

Copyright: 1985 

Publisher: La Jolla Country Day School Parents Association 

Author: Members of the La Jolla Country Day School Parents Association 

ISBN: 9780961417604

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Description: Southern California's rich culinary heritage evolved from early Spanish and Indian foundations and has been bountifully enhanced by a continuous flow of diverse people and cultures. This fine blend of ethnic traditions reflects a sophisticated mixture of heritages we proudly call our own. La Jolla Cooks is an outstanding collection of nearly 800 recipes which represent the diversity of our community and appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Within its pages you will discover practical, simple dishes as well as elegant gourmet fare. We make no claims to originality, only to tried and true favorites. Each recipe has been tested and carefully edited in an attempt to clarify instructions and ingredients. 

Sharing a meal with family or guests has been a traditional and meaningful way of expressing friendship. We invite you to share the joy of our treasured recipes and hope some will become your new favorites. We are confident that La Jolla Cooks will serve as a permanent reference for delicious recipes and become a cherished member of your kitchen library. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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