Kosher Southern Style Cookbook

Kosher Southern Style Cookbook offers those who follow Jewish dietary law the means to prepare some amazing blends of Jewish and Southern dishes. From Cajun Duck Jambalaya to Yeshiva Yam Biscuits, to Tex-Mex Jewish Cheesecake, you'll love each and every recipe in this unique cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 245 pages 

Copyright: 1993 

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company 

Author: Mildred L. Covert and Sylvia P. Gerson 

ISBN: 9780882898506

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Description: Of all the regional cooking in this country, nothing beats the down-home Southern variety. Even the names of the recipes make your mouth water: Sumter's Succotash, Revival Veal Ribs, Miss Lou's Fried Grits, Prissy's Peanut Soup, Cajun Duck Jambalaya, and Yankee Go Home Cocktail. But what about Olde Southern Kosher Kombread, Shavuot Potato Shissel, or Kugel mit Rozhinkes? That's Southern cooking, too -- Kosher style! 

The conscientiously prepared recipes in Kosher Southern Style Cookbook allow cooks to keep Kosher without missing out on the flavor of the South. Authors Mildred L. Covert and Sylvia P. Gerson make traditional Southern dishes Kosher by using clever substitutes -- Hamish Hopping John uses Beef Frye instead of pork, Birming "Ham" calls for corned beef, and jambalaya's richness can be re-created by using duck or Kosher smoked sausage in place of pork sausage. Other recipes include Galitzianer Goysters, Suwannee River Tongue, and Shtetl Fried Chicken. 

This well-researched work contains brief histories of the eleven states of the Confederacy as well as some of each state's specialties, including some recipes that predate the Civil War. Also included are recipes for the festivals of Shavuot and Succoth. 

Kosher Southern-Style Cookbook is the third Kosher cookbook by Covert and Gerson. Kosher Cajun Cookbook and Kosher Creole Cookbook, like this book, enable you to enjoy the distinct flavors of a regional cuisine and still keep Kosher. 


Condition: Good condition with some minor creasing on dust jacket flaps. 

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