Kosher Cuisine Cookbook - Helen Nash

Kosher Cuisine Cookbook by Helen Nash brings you 250 delicious recipes that follow Jewish dietary laws. There is a wide range of cuisines inside. You'll find everything from Greek Moussaka to Chocolate Souffle Cake. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 319 pages 

Copyright: 1989 

Publisher: Shapolski Books 

Author: Helen Nash 

ISBN: 9780944007266

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Description: Kosher Cuisine is the first cookbook of its kind, a collection of many of today's finest gourmet recipes adapted to conform with Kosher practices. Here are 250 delicious, easy to follow recipes that will open new worlds of cooking to all interested in being innovative while observing the Jewish dietary laws.

Through Helen Nash's association and training with several of the world's renowned cooking instructors, she has been inspired to adapt classic French, Italian and Chinese dishes to Kosher cooking laws. The author takes well known dishes such as Caviar Roulade, Beef in Red Wine with Shallots and Mushrooms or Spring Rolls with Mustard sauce -- and shows you how to transform them into Kosher delicacies. Helen Nash also creates many exciting pareve desserts, such as Tuiles, the delicious French almond cookies, and Fruit Sorbets.

Each section is divided according to meat, dairy and pareve dishes. There is also a distinctive selection of traditional holiday recipes. In addition to modifying classic recipes to conform with Kosher laws, such as the delicious Greek Moussaka without its traditional creamy topping, or Leek, Zucchini and Watercress soups that have wonderful, silky textures without cream -- Mrs. Nash also introduces unusual dishes that may be unfamiliar. For instance there is the exciting world of Chinese cooking, which never uses dairy products and has given rise to wonders like Lemon Chicken and Fried Fish Fillets in Seaweed Batter.

Then comes the crowning glory of this inspiring collection: desserts, cakes and cookies. How does one make Truffles without heavy cream? Helen Nash has created amazing Chocolate Almond Truffles that are not only pareve but also low in calories. They are delicate accompaniments to her Sorbets, Poached Pears, and fresh fruit. In the dairy section there are mouthwatering recipes for Lemon-Mousse Tart and a Chocolate Roll that will tempt every chocolate lover to develop the light hand essential to the creation of this extravaganza -- to say nothing of her Dacquise, her Mocha Tart and her Chocolate Souffle Cake.


Condition: Interior jacket flap is clipped. Exterior or pages (when book is shut) has some faded spots. Further good condition. 

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