Kosher Creole Cookbook

The Kosher Creole Cookbook contains recipes from two culinary traditions. Those on a kosher diet can enjoy the flavors of Creole cuisine found in New Orleans. Recipes highlight festivals occurring  in the Jewish calendar in New Orleans. Beignets, Brass Band Bread Pudding, Creole Pot Roast Piquant, Dumplings from Downtown and more delicious recipes can be found inside this unique cookbook, 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 214 pages  

Copyright: 1982 

Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company 

Author: Mildred L. Covert and Sylvia P. Gerson 

ISBN: 9780882897752

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Description: The recipes in the Kosher Creole Cookbook bring together two famous culinary traditions: the Creole -- a blend of certain aspects of French, Spanish, African, and American Indian cooking -- and the Jewish, dating from biblical times. Those who keep kosher can now savor the Creole cuisine for which New Orleans is famous -- where the original recipes call for ingredients that are in conflict with the laws of kashruth, the authors have found imaginative substitutes that combine to create authentic Creole flavor. 

Arranged by month, the recipes highlight feasts and festivals that occur in the Jewish calendar or in the city of New Orleans. The authors list recipes that are specifically designed to work together; thus planning menus is made easy for the cook. In addition each chapter is introduced with fascinating sketches about facets of the history, traditions, and culture of the Crescent City. 

This book is not only for those whose faith demands that they keep kosher; adventurous and creative cooks everywhere will delight in this innovative approach to Creole cooking. 


Condition: Opening blank page has a gift inscription in ink. Further, good condition.

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