Sur La Table Knives Cooks Love

Selection, care, techniques, and recipes to try out with your new found skills with knives are found inside the Sur La Table  Knives Cooks Love knives guide and cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 180 pages. 

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Author: Sur La Table with Sarah Jay

ISBN: 9780740770029

$10.00 $8.99

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Description: Cutting with a knife that's beautifully crafted, incredibly sharp, and perfectly balanced is one of cooking's greatest pleasures. In Knives Cooks Love, trusted cookware authority Sur La Table and writer Sarah Jay answer all your questions about how to choose and use a knife, such as what to look for when knife shopping, how to grip a knife, how to build a customized knife collection, and how to sharpen and hone a knife (and when to do one or the other). 

You'll learn about the advantages of ceramic, the warm appeal of carbon steel, and the differences between European and Japanese knives. The book also covers knife safety, storage, and accessories, including cutting boards and sharpening products. 

Knives Cooks Love is a down-to-earth approach to this potentially intimidating subject. Along with in-depth information about how to buy, sharpen, and care for knives, Knives Cooks Love contains step-by-step photos for forty-six cutting techniques from everyday tasks like dicing an onion and julienning a pepper, to more advanced projects like carving a turkey and filleting a whole fish. 

To help you master these knife skills, the book includes twenty scrumptiously satisfying recipes, including Caramelized Onion Tart with alamata Olives, Spicy Steamed Mussels with Fennel and Tomatoes, and Arroz con Pollo with Chorizo and Capers. 

From chef's knives to cheese knives, from meat cleavers to salmon slicers, Knives Cooks Love gives you the know-how and confidence to help you pick the right knife for the job. Loaded with practical tips and invaluable information, it is the ultimate guide to the most important tool in your kitchen,. 


Condition: Back of dust jacket has three thin scratches. Further, good condition. 

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