Kitchen Crafts

Kitchen Crafts is not a cookbook, but is a guide with instruction for interesting and useful objects you can create in your home kitchen. Examples are a cookie castle, a pasta log cabin, and marbelized eggs. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 120 pages. 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Macmillan 

Author: Linda Cross 

ISBN: 9780025289406

$9.00 $7.99

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Description: Kitchen Crafts shows you how to create dozens of useful, decorative, and amusing objects without leaving your kitchen or investing in expensive tools and equipment. Every technique is illustrated and outlined, and "recipes" are provided for each project -- just as in a cookbook. 

Nearly all the materials you'll need can be found in your own kitchen cupboard, refrigerator, or wastebasket. You'll discover a wealth of hidden possibilities in flour, eggs, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds, pasta, candles and wax, cans and containers, and even leftovers -- and each project initiates an almost unlimited number of variations. All you need is imagination and enthusiasm! 

Among the skills taught are macrame, tie-dyeing, batik, candlemaking and wax molding, encaustic (painting with hot wax), tincutting, soap carving, dyeing with plants, and papier-mache. 

The authors have adapted several ideas from foreign cultures and individualized them by their own creativity and sense of fun. Some projects are delectably edible, including a scrumptious cheese omelet, a gingerbread house, pastillage, cookie castles, and marzipan. And there are highly practical recipes (great for youngsters in school) for library paste, encaustic paint, egg tempera paint, and cornstarch finger paint. 

John and Linda Cross believe that crafts express our feelings more directly than any other art form, because -- like cooking -- they evolve from the materials of everyday life. So gather the resources from your kitchen, let your imagination soar and fly, experiment -- and enjoy! Lavishly illustrated with drawings and photos, including nineteen in color. 


Condition: Jacket has minor wear at corner tips. Further good condition. 

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