Kippers to Caviar Cookbook

Kippers to Caviar Cookbook from 1965 features recipes from the former London Evening Standard cookery correspondent Helen Burke. She offers a lot of advice in chapters like Building Menus, Hang the Cost, When Friends Drop In, and more. This is an enjoyable vintage cookbook collectible. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 263 pages 

Copyright: 1965 

Publisher: Evans Brothers Limited 

Author: Helen Burke 

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Description: If you want to impress your guests, your family (or even yourself) the use of your imagination in planning a menu is half the battle. The other half, of course, is a practical knowledge of the best way to use your materials. 

Helen Burke, the well-known cookery correspondent of the Evening Standard, possesses both imagination and wide experience, and she has displayed these gifts in the preparation of an inviting collection of menus to suit most of the occasions that may arise. 

You will learn that the art of preparing a meal depends upon the selection of the main course, and that what is served before and after then becomes an easier problem to solve. Helen Burke's menus are both simple and complex, but the results are equally delicious since she treats the everyday ingredients of a meal in a novel way thereby avoiding all monotony. 

The hostess faced with a banquet. or the "man on his own," will be rewarded by following Helen Burke's advice, which includes valuable hints on coffee, wine and cocktails and. most important of all economies in money and labor in the kitchen. 


Condition: Good condition. Minor shelf wear. 

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