King Ranch Cookbook: Rancho Santa Gertrudis

King Ranch Cookbook offers cooks a harmonious blend of traditions, native South Texas ingredients, and flavors that preserve the spirit of the Kneno culture. These are the recipes from King Ranch, a National Historic Landmark founded in 1853 by captain King with lands that cover South Texas. This cookbook is brought to you by friends and families of Rancho Santa Gertrudis. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 229 pages. 

Copyright: 1992 

Publisher: The King Ranch, Inc. 

Author: Author goes here 

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Description: The King Ranch Cookbook is a sampling of recipes from the many families and friends associated with the Rancho Santa Gertrudis that was established in 1853. A culinary tradition of hospitality and fine cuisine, utilizing native plants and spices, wild game and ranch beef, developed from over a century of ranching in the Wild Horse Desert. 

Many of the family favorites inside the King Ranch Cookbook have passed unwritten through the generations along with time-honored family traditions. Now, this historic collection of recipes is available to you in the first edition of The King Ranch Cookbook. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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