Key to Chinese Cooking Cookbook

Key to Chinese Cooking Cookbook by Isabelle Chang features 421 Chinese recipes from appetizers and soups to main courses. The book has an unusual format as dishes are provided by each day in the year. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 317 pages 

Copyright: 1970 

Publisher: Galahad Books 

Author: Isabelle Chang 

ISBN: 9780883650219

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Description: The Key to Chinese Cooking brings Chinese cooking at its mouth-watering best to American homes. The tantalizing secrets of Chinese cuisine are yours in these 421 deliriously different, easy-to-follow recipes from the Oriental kitchen of Isabelle Chang. There are tempting appetizers, exotic soups, succulent sauce-drenched roasts, and zesty vegetarian delights. 

Some are robust and hearty, perfect for hungry families. Some are elegant and festive, perfect for special occasions. All have the indefinable charm and elegance of Chinese cooking. Perhaps that charm comes from Mrs. Chang's knowledge that delicate flavor is only the first prerequisite of a truly successful meal, that a dish should also have a delicious aroma and be pleasing to the eye. All her treats are irresistibly appealing to all the senses and provide gracious eating at its very best. 

A selection of the best of the dishes that nourish an ancient civilization, The Key to Chinese Cooking will appeal to a wide range of people. Busy homemakers will welcome the short time required to prepare most of these recipes. And this is more than a mere compilation of Chinese recipes. There are practical hints on marketing and suggestions for utensils used in preparing and serving Chinese food. Mrs. Chang also offers an intriguing glimpse of Chinese culture. 

There is a brief history of Chinese cooking and a discussion of the different holidays and their special dishes; fascinating anecdotes on pottery, porcelain, cooking utensils, "The Kitchen God," traditional menus, and typical Chinese spices; tips on preparation and serving; and much more. You will discover why chopsticks replaced forks and spoons, what the origin and evolution of "china" are, how soy sauce is made, and countless other tidbits. 

The arrangement of The Key to Chinese Cooking is totally unique. Unlike other cookbooks, the recipes are not grouped together according to ingredients -- although the specially prepared index is so arranged. Instead, you are given a special traditional recipe for each day of the year. Unique and completely delightful, this is a must in any cookbook collection. 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tear at corners. Further good condition. 


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