Kevin Graham's Fish and Seafood Cookbook

Kevin Graham's Fish and Seafood Cookbook is from award-winning chef, Kevin Graham of the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. His recipes such as Jalapeno Corn Fritters or Seared Tuna with Blood Oranges showcase the pure and natural flavors seafood lovers everywhere are sure to enjoy. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 207 pages 

Copyright: 1993 

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, Inc. 

Author: Kevin Graham 

ISBN: 9781556702655

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Description: In restaurants and home kitchens throughout the world, people are looking for new ways to prepare healthful, nutritious food that is still flavorful and exciting. Kevin Graham's Fish and Seafood Cookbook addresses this need with 100 enticing and unusual fish and seafood recipes. 

Kevin Graham, award-winning chef at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans, offers recipes that maximize natural flavors and minimize non-nutritious elements, often using fresh-tasting stocks, infusions, and simple reductions instead of less healthy (albeit tasty) ingredients like fats. With a sensitivity to how food affects all our senses, Graham balances flavor with texture, temperature, and stunning presentation. 

Organized according to the aquatic habitats in which fish live, the recipes in this book are each presented with a sauce or vegetable accompaniment. Among the innovative choices are Grilled Rainbow Trout with Jalapeno Corn Fritters, Cucumber and Grilled Scallop Soup, Lemon Sole with Curried Potatoes and Lime Sauce, and Seared Tuna with Blood Oranges. The 75 color photographs, by noted photographer Louis B. Wallach, show the finished food in beautiful locations in and around New Orleans. Kevin Graham's Fish and Seafood Cookbook is for all of us who appreciate pure, natural flavors and want to combine the pleasures of eating delicious, visually appealing food with a diet that is lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in beautiful condition. 

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