Kathy Casey's Northwest Table Cookbook

Kathy Casey's Northwest Table Cookbook is a stunner - complete with 100 recipes from Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Southern Alaska. Anyone familiar with the region knows that the regional cuisines showcases the freshest ingredients. This large-sized cookbook made us hungry for Classic Seattle-Style Crab Louis, Sage Roasted Pork Loin, Kathy's Spicy Coconut-Braised Lingcode with Colorful Vegetables, and Mini Blackberry Patch Tarts. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 230 pages.

Copyright: 2006

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Author: Kathy Casey

ISBN: 9780811854320

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Description: Coastal waters teeming with salmon, Dungeness crab, and pristine oysters. Forests rich with wild mushrooms, Row upon row of luscious berries and orchards of apple and apricot trees heavy with fruit. Vines laden with the makings of world-class wines. These are but a few of the glories of the Northwest culinary landscape.

In this gorgeous cookbook, Kathy Casey, well-known expert on Northwest cuisine, shares 100 it-doesn't-get-more-delicious-than-this recipes for everything from cocktails all the way to desserts. Cherry mojitos waft the fragrance of fresh mint. A Tillamook Cheddar spread made with Oregon's famous cheese and locally brewed ale is terrific on rosemary-scented flat bread. Dungeness crab cakes topped with a vibrant, tangy slaw are dolloped with Sherry Aioli. Roasted pears, hazelnuts, and blue cheese counterpoint a colorful salad of endives tossed with a lively cranberry vinaigrette. Wild Alaskan salmon is grilled, then crowned with herb-tossed rings of Walla Walla Sweet onions. And desserts like Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Cascade Berries make the end of the meal as special as the beginning.

Cathy's recipes -- coupled here with fascinating stories of her Northwest culinary adventures -- are inspired by the diverse cultural heritage of the region. These modern favorites combine with cherished recipes passed from generation to generation, Pacific Rim and Native American influences, and the Northwest's natural bounty, creating a blend of the traditional and the contemporary in a delightfully modern cuisine.

Whether you're looking for a delicious dish for a family supper, a unique appetizer, or dinner for company, Kathy Casey's Northwest Table is destined to become the cookbook you'll trust to take down from the shelf.


Condition: Good condition. Back of jacket has fine scratches.

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