Taste of Kansas City Then and Now

A Taste of Kansas City Then and Now cookbook captures the varied cuisines found across Kansas City and some of its restaurants, inns, and businesses. 


Format: Hardcover internal spiral bound, 262 pages. 

Copyright: 2005, Fourth Printing

Publisher: Children's Center For The Visually Impared 

Author: Jane Flynn 

ISBN: 9780972737401

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Description: From its earliest days Kansas City has been a treat for the senses. The leadership of yesteryear saw to it that this was not going to be just another dull trading post. They dreamed of parks, boulevards, and fountains. All that came to pass and much more. Today we look upon such wonders as the Country Club Plaza, the impressive Crown Center complex, and the beautifully restored Union Station. Add to this the delights of the ear. We're the town that gave the world Kansas City jazz; the city known for its love of music and the arts.. 

But now let's come to the sense of taste -- what a treat that has been right from the start. Old timers like myself can remember such delights as eating a Nu-Way sandwich on a cold winter day and following it up with a second one just because it was so good. Some of the restaurants that came into being, even in my early lifetime, such as Stroud's and The Savoy, are still here and going strong. 

There is so much to be said about the then and now of Kansas City cuisine, including the fact that it has the world's leading barbecue restaurants, and for my money, the world's best chili. You'll find it at the Town Topic in two downtown locations and one in Mission. 

All of that is then and a little bit of now. For a whole lot more of then and now, you have the key resting in your hand as you hold this book. I think you will come to treasure it as I do. It may affect you as it has affected me, and to tell you the truth, my mouth waters for some of the food herein. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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