Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook

Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook is a Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards national award winner. This cookbook was compiled by over a hundred contributors and provides recipes like Pistachio Sausage, Barbequed Orange Duck, Spicy Barbeque Rub, Phantom of Memphis Gumbo, and many more. Kansas City Barbeque Society Cookbook was also the national winner of the Tabasco Community Cookbook Award in 1996. 


Format: Hardcover internal spiral bound, 220 pages 

Copyright: 2003, Eighth Printing 

Publisher: Kansas City Barbeque Society 

Author: Members of Kansas City Barbeque Society 

ISBN: 9780964917606

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Description: Barbeque is a passionate subject. It is the only food group that has a Society, two trade organizations, an annual convention and trade show, seven competition cooking circuits, two newspapers and eight newsletters. It is, after all, the original cooking technique. It is coming into its own in the United States. As best articulated by Mason Steinberg, Old Mill Barbecue, "We've gone through all these ethnic foods, and now, all of a sudden we're discovering our own roots. These roots happen to be barbecue." It is America's Cuisine. 

The Kansas City Barbeque Society is the world's largest organization of barbeque enthusiasts. Its members come from all fifty states, most Canadian provinces, and ten foreign countries. They are blue collar workers and professionals. They are men and women. They cross all racial, religious, and socio-economic segments of society. They are competition barbeque cooks and backyarders, whose common denominator is barbeque. They are truly a cultural melting pot. 

Barbequers are a generous lot. Because of their passion for barbeque, they are dedicated to promoting their favorite food. They are willing to share their cooking techniques and secrets for great smoked and grilled foods. They are "foodies" who regard their favorite pastime as fun with food. They are the best barbeque cooks in the world. And now, they are ready to share their favorite recipes with you. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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