Kaffeehaus Desserts Cookbook - Vienna, Budapest, and Prague

Kaffeehaus Desserts Cookbook shares recipes from Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. Rick Rodgers brings you Austro-Hungarian pastries with over 150 recipes to prepare in your home kitchen. We spot a nice Sachertorte (a favorite of the Cookbook Village founder), and more memorable and delectable dessert recipes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 232 pages. 

Copyright: 2002, First Edition 

Publisher: Clarkson Potter/Publishers 

Author: Rick Rodgers 

ISBN: 9780965360784

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Description: At Sacher, Demel, Gerbeaud, and other legendary cafes of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague, a rich tapestry of culture is still celebrated, and not just through the dark brew served on a silver tray but in exquisite, masterful desserts. 

Writers, painters, philosophers, and poets have gathered for centuries around Kaffeehaus tables, in lively conversation, sampling desserts that have set these institutions apart from their counterparts throughout the world. Even the most modern cafes of the region hold fast to the pastry tradition: the decor may be ultramodern, but it is strudel -- not lemongrass sorbet -- that is served on the menu. 

In Kaffeehaus, author Rick Rodgers has collected the best classic Austro-Hungarian pastries, and expertly shows how to create these glorious treats in your own home. Using his celebrated skill as a teacher to present the recipes to bakers of all levels, Rodgers complements the fare with astute observations of Kaffeehaus culture and its three-hundred-year-old traditions, customs so entrenched they are almost choreographed. 

Included are explanations of the different batters, doughs, and icings that form the foundation of this baking, as well as the many beverages -- coffee and non-coffee -- that create a perfect pairing with the desserts. From home-style cakes to the extravagant desserts that made these cafes famous, the more than 150 recipes include Sachertorte (of course), Pozsony Kipfli, Rigo Jancsi, Gerbeaud Slices, Poppy Seed Gugelhupf, Linzertorte, Warm "Milk-Cream" Strudel with Vanilla Sauce, and Thumbprint Cookies, as well as sweet dumpling and noodle dishes that may surprise and delight many Americans. 

No matter the country, "rich" and "sweet" translate into any language, and Kaffeehaus beautifully captures the tastes and the elegance of these cafes, commemorating their culture and history and the delectable legacy of their desserts. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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