Kadazan Delicacies Cookbook - Sabah Malaysia

The Kadazan Delicacies Cookbook is a guide to the cooking of the Kadazans in Sabah Malaysia. This style of food is essentially cooked by boiling, steaming and a few other methods including, cooking in banana leaves. Most of the recipes inside this cookbook are boiled.  


Format: Hardcover, 76 pages 


Publisher: Percetakan Ban Huat Seng 

Author: Wanita P.B.S. Division of Moyog 

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Description: Since time immemorial, our Kadazan culture has thrived in the wilderness of Borneo, unwritten and undocumented but lived, practised and transcended from generation to generation, The early Kadazans lived a carefree life, enjoying the abundant supply of food, beverage and other basic necessities from the richness of the natural world around them. They were one with nature. Under nature's providence surrounded by one of the world's richest varieties and densities of plants, animals, insects, amphibians, reptiles, moluscs, fresh water fish and marine life, the Kadazans have at one time developed one of the widest range and varieties of natural food and beverage as well as herbal medicinal resources. 

But what was, is not and may not anymore be. In the face of mechanised food production sold through super markets to satisfy changing tastes of mass consumerism, the Kadazans may be loosing their knowledge and taste of the cheaper natural food offerings from mother nature. In the words of our Kadazan elders there will come a day when our young generation will experience famine, not because they cannot find food or drinks anymore but because they do not anymore recognise food resources around them. In the light of these fading traditional food heritage of the Kadazans this publication on Kadazan traditional food, hopes to spark off a realisation on the urgent need to record for preservation and inheritance our rich Kadazan traditional food and beverage heritage. 

The Kadazan Delicacies 

You know you are in Sabah when you see the awe-inspiring beauty of the Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South-East Asia, or meet the Kadazan people, Sabah's largest indigenous community and watch or join them doing their traditional 'Sumazau' dance while glasses and jars of rice wine are been served and consumed. 

This Kadazan Delicacies cookbook serves as a comprehensive guide to cooking as traditionally done by the Kadazans, compiled by the Moyog Wanita Part Bersatu Sabah Division, this book is a gateway to those secret recipes l cherished throughout centuries. The Kadazan food are basically prepared and cooked by boiling, steaming, barbecueing on banana leaves or pickling and preserving. However, as you go through the recipes, you will notice that most of the dishes are boiled, pure and simple. Contributed by experienced housewives, these delightful recipes have been kitchen-tested and tried. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in good condition. A small section of the binding's interior part is slightly separating. Four pages are (very) slightly creased. 

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