Junior League The City of New York Entertains Cookbook

Junior League The City of New York Entertains Cookbook is filled with favorite recipes from League members of one of the world's top culinary cities. You'll enjoy the melting pot of recipes found inside. These recipes are arrange by menu chapters for easy planning for gatherings and entertaining guests. 


Format: Hardcover, 382 pages 

Copyright: 1974, Book Club Edition

Publisher: Doubleday & Company, Inc. 

Author: Members of the Junior League of The City of New York 

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Description: "New York's diversity helps to create its many-faceted personality. It's never dull," says the introduction to this extraordinary collection of menus and recipes. "Glamour, glitter, and brashness -- humanity, wit, and warmth -- it's a feast for all the senses. This cookbook draws its inspiration from that infinite variety, the many cuisines, plus the seasonal aspects of celebrating and shopping and translates them into the art of entertaining -- New York style."  

Here, for readers everywhere, is a chance to learn what "New style" is and how the city's hostesses plan and prepare their dinner parties. And, you'll discover, no matter where you live, how to use that unique style in your own home -- just the way New York Entertains.  

From an early Dutch asparagus treat to the peppery Caribbean flavors brought to town by the island's more recent settlers, New York Entertains reflects the glamour and sophistication of one of the great cities of the world.  

Arranged by menu, the book offers a calendar year of memorable dinners, lunches, brunches, and picnics, ranging from easy to staggeringly elaborate, and all based on some of the most imaginative and creative recipes recently published.  

Each menu has a theme, and each -- whether it be for a picnic, a brunch, an informal supper, or a lavish black -- tie affair is preceded by an informal "chat" offering tips on decorating the table, invitations or unusual guest diversions.  

A Derby Day Lunch, for instance, would feature a black and white checkerboard cloth sparked by yellow napkins encircled by toy horseshoe napkin rings; an outdoor buffet might suggest a rustic setting with baskets of zucchini, summer squash, and green and red peppers as a centerpiece. All of this by way of prelude to a collection of recipes by many of New York's best cooks and imaginative hostesses.  

The result is a marvelously adventurous cookbook seasoned and nourished by the many nationalities that live in New York, and designed to lure the beginner into experimentation and offer the experienced cook some refreshing new ideas.  


Condition: Good condition with very some extremely tiny tears on top edge of jacket. 

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