Junior League of Memphis A Man's Taste Cookbook

Junior League of Memphis A Man's Taste Cookbook is a book of men's recipes and a book of men cooking. Each recipe includes the names of its respective contributor. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 261 pages 

Copyright: 1980 

Publisher: The Junior League of Memphis, Inc. 

Author: Members of the Junior League of Memphis, Tennessee  

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Description: A Man's Taste is an unusual collection of men's recipes. In the pages that follow, you will find the name of many a rightful son and heir (as well as nephews, cousins, brothers and their friends) of the ladies who contributed to the League's first collection of Southern recipes back in 1952. The kinship is bound to be more than a mere coincidence. The culinary talents displayed in A Man's Taste did not spring from dormitory hot plates, army field kitchens, scout camps and hunting lodges alone. A mother's hand may be detected here and there, light though it may be. The Memphis Cook Book has perhaps made its mark in some rather unexpected places. 

A Man's Taste is meant to be much more than a collection of men's recipes, and certainly not a mere sequel to what has gone before it. This is a book about men cooking; what they do and how they feel in the kitchen that makes them "different" from their female counterparts. 

The recipes you would expect to find in a men's cookbook are here, of course, as they should be; barbecue sauces, grilled steaks and hamburgers, wild game. But there is much, much more of the unexpected; delicate sauces, cold soups, salads, light pastries, the haughtiest of haute cuisine. The element of surprise is to be found not only in the range and. 


Condition: Covers have some faded spots and wear. There is a thin red ink streak on the exterior of the bottoms of the book's pages. Further good condition. 


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