June Platt Cookbook - Vintage 1958

Vintage 1958 recipe book, The June Platt Cookbook, shares the author's recipes geared towards party foods. Recipes in the cookbook provide great detail in the directions and they are easy to follow and prepare. Veal Chops with Mustard Sauce, Le Steak Au Poivre, Macaroni Pie, and Creole Crab Crepes are examples of a few of Platt's favorites. In the dessert department, the book does not let you down... Scandinavian Pudding, A Flaming Raisin and Nut Pie, and Chocolate Coated Pave De Marrons are all inside, plus more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 495 pages 

Copyright: 1958 

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf 

Author: June Platt 

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Description: This cook book is fondly dedicated to you. With high hopes I have finally brought together a composite of the best recipes from my earlier books plus a collection of new delights. My purpose is to include under one cover bountiful ammunition in the way of classic as well as exciting and new, yet perfectly achievable, recipes for all who, like myself, love to cook, love to eat, and above all love to give parties. My conception of party food does not mean a long-drawn-out menu; the element of surprise is more important, for it is better to bewilder your guests by serving upside down cake right side up than to give them virtually the same dishes they might find in a restaurant or prepare at home. 

Homemade soup may be slightly out of style, but a party can be built around some of mine (notably Mexican Pozole, Nassau Fish Chowder, and Borsch Natasha). Serve fish as a separate course to prolong the enjoyment of a meal, or try one of my recipes which constitutes a meal by itself. I do not agree with the school that feels a salad can make a meal alone, but I do feel that a good salad adds greatly to the party atmosphere. Sauces play a vital role in cooking, and you will find not only the ones you must know how to make but also many others. Since desserts are my special delight, I am particularly proud of the selections included. 

Methods and equipment have changed considerably in the past few years; some of the changes I agree with, others I ignore. Purchase the best ingredients, and hope you can afford them, for good olive oil, vinegar, cheese (especially imported Parmesan, grated fresh as you need it) , cream, and fresh eggs make all the difference. Skip the new hat and buy yourself some good cooking-utensils and stainless-steel knives. Do not fall for each new gadget on the market, however, but wait until it has been tested and proved indispensable. Seek out a first-class butcher, fishmonger, green grocer, and shop personally. Buy the best cuts! When you cook with wine, brandy, or a liqueur, use the same quality that you would serve at table. Search until you find a pure vanilla extract; and do not overlook the advantages of keeping a vanilla bean in your sugar supply. Shop for only small quantities of dried herbs and spices at a time to insure maximum flavor. Use coarsely ground or cracked pepper. Also, when you serve have hot plates hot and cold plates cold. 

Timing is the most important factor in the preparation of delicious food. In the recipes the directions are given clearly and concisely, step by step, just as I proceeded myself (often many times before I was sure they were exactly right). I recommend that you read a recipe from start to finish first. Then, after you have assembled the ingredients, follow the directions with patience and confidence, and the results will be rewarding. I am genuinely pleased to have all my favorite recipes here, and I am counting on old friends to invite new friends to party after party and use The June Platt Cook Book. 


Condition: Dust jacket has some frays, tears and rubbing. Bookboards and interior in great condition.  

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