Julian Pie Company Apple Cookbook

Julian Pie Company Apple Cookbook contains pie recipes and other famous dishes from the Julian, California located pie company owned by The Smothers family. If you are familiar with the town of Julian, you'll know just how famous those apple pies are -- some of the best in the country. 


Format: Softcover with two-ring binding at top edge, 178 pages. 

Copyright: 1990 

Publisher: E.M. Smothers 

Author: The Smother Family 

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Description:  After many requests to Liz Smothers of the Julian Pie Company in Julian, California for a cookbook, they decided to share some of their famous pie recipes, plus some additional handwritten recipes from their friends across the country. 

The cookbook includes a section by and for children, as well as a recipe for apple jack and Julian Apple Dumplings given to the Smothers by one of Julian's youngest and most handsome senior citizens.  

From apple pie to apple chutney, the recipes found here are as diversified as the people who contributed them. 


Condition: Good condition. One corner of the cover has a crease.

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