French Chef Cookbook Julia Child

Julia Child's The French Chef Cookbook is a nice vintage collectible cookbook. It replicates the recipes and information presented in Julia Child's The French Chef TV programs. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and protective sleeve, 440 pages 

Copyright: 1978, Thirteenth Printing 

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf 

Author: Julia Child 

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Description: For the millions of Americans who have delighted in the superb culinary performances of "The French Chef," here at last is a complete collection of all the recipes that Julia Child has demonstrated on the programs that appeared on educational stations across the nation. 

The book is arranged according to the sequence of the television series and each show is reproduced -- except for the ad-lib talk -- as it appeared, from the preamble to the closing bon appetit. Thus if a devotee missed the half hour of "Vegetable Adventures" or took inadequate notes, The French Chef Cookbook will make the record complete, or with it in hand, one may follow the live action unhampered by the need to write down directions and ingredients. 

At the same time, The French Chef Cookbook is complete unto itself and may be used like any other cookbook; and there is a valuable subject guide in the beginning whereby a dish can be located according to familiar categories. About half of the dishes that were demonstrated on the 119 nationally televised programs of "The French Chef" are based on recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The rest are set down here for the first time. All are worked out to perfection, with absolute clarity, down to the last specific detail, as every Julia Child fan has come to expect. 

The French Chef Cookbook not only enriches the archives of the Julia Child collector, but puts in print, session by session, dish by dish, the most widely attended and enthusiastically admired cooking course ever given in America. 


Condition: Dust jacket top edge has rip. Inside jacket flap clipped off at top corner. Further good condition. 

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