Julia Child and Company

Julia Child and Company is a classic vintage 1980 cookbook from one of the world's most legendary chefs. The cookbook accompanied Julia Child's television series of the same name. Her emphasis here is on American cuisine with foolproof recipes. 


Format: Softcover, 243 pages. 

Copyright: 1980 

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf 

Author: Julia Child 

ISBN: 9780394735320

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Description: Here for the first time is a new Julia Child cookbook that's available for use in your kitchen at the same time that her new television series is being seen across the country. And it is the first to be illustrated in full color. 

Now you can duplicate at your leisure the recipes she demonstrates on the new program, Julia Child & Company. This book enables you to catch up on so many essential details that speed by too quickly in the half-hour show and gives you such invaluable tips about shopping and planning and timing that in no time you'll be cooking for company just the way Julia Child does it. 

In these pages, Mrs. Child has broken away from strictly French cooking. Her emphasis now is on the pleasures of the American table -- on the kinds of special occasions (see the list below) that everyone is likely to encounter. In her inimitable fashion, she offers exciting, delicious, and utterly foolproof recipes that will enlarge your repertoire of dishes both plain and fancy, vastly increase your pleasure in cooking, and enable you to rise splendidly to any occasion when company is coming. 

  • Birthday Dinner - What Julia herself would choose for her own birthday feast. 
  • Holiday Lunch - If friends bring unexpected guests, there's still plenty to eat; if they're an hour late, it will taste just as good. 
  • Lo-Cal Banquet - Of course you can give a party when you're on a diet... no one will believe this banquet is lo-cal. 
  • Informal Dinner - Simple, beautiful, elegant -- a classic. 
  • New England Potluck Supper - Hearty, comforting fare for a winter evening. 
  • VIP Lunch - It not only tastes but looks as if you had a great French chef in the kitchen. 
  • Cocktail Party - A gorgeous spread that entices guests to linger and talk. No one goes home hungry! 
  • Dinner for the Boss - All you know about him is that he has conservative tastes -- a luxurious but conservative dinner is in order. 
  • Sunday Night Supper - For families in which young and old like to cook as well as eat together. 
  • Buffet for 19 - A wonderful way to feed a crowd when you're both cook and butler. 
  • Breakfast Party - Something for every kind of morning appetite. 
  • Chafing-Dish Dinner - How not to miss a word of the conversation -- cook right at the table. 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Barbecue - If it should rain, everything will work perfectly indoors. 


Condition: God condition. 

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