Joy of Cooking Cookbook 1946

This is a 1946 edition of the Joy of Cooking cookbook. It is one of the more interesting volumes to collect given its from the 40s. This classic cookbook is a must-have for every cookbook collector and has an interesting vintage cover. This edition has a dust jacket. It has tears, but it is rarer to find this cookbook with a dust jacket.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 884 pages. 

Copyright: 1946 

Publisher: The Bobbs-Merill Company 

Author: Irma S. Rombauer 

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Description: The present volume of The Joy of Cooking is a far cry from the original small collection of recipes that Irma S. Rombauer prepared for her children many years ago. Even the first edition published by The Bobbs-Merrill Company more than a decade ago is hardly to be compared to the mammoth, up-to-the-minute book here presented. For Mrs. Rombauer has never stopped collecting recipes or working to perfect her own favorite dishes. Through the years enthusiastic friends of her book have sent her countless more. Each she put to her own three rigid tests -- a recipe must be practical; it must be easy to follow; above all, the finished product must be good to eat. 

Most cookbooks are as soulless as an empty cupboard. This one is fun to read as well as a joy to follow. There are bits about the history of a dish, suggestions on how to vary a basic recipe, delightful touches of humor as the author states her personal evaluation and preferences the way she would in conversation. While she by no means neglects "company food," Mrs. Rombauer's emphasis has always been on attractive everyday meals. 

In 1942 a new, revised and greatly expanded edition brought the number of fans for The Joy of Cooking into the hundreds of thousands. Confronted with shortages and rationing, women (both experienced and inexperienced cooks) found the volume indescribably helpful in making meals that were both nutritious and palatable with available ingredients. And from every war front, even from prison camps, came messages of thanks from a vast new audience -- men as well as women -- who had discovered Mrs. Rombauer's book 

Here is the answer to the prayer of everyone who likes to cook, who has to cook, who has cooked for years, or who is about to cook her first meal. Anyone who can read can be an excellent cook with this most complete practical guide, written by one who has herself learned "the joy of cooking." Inexperienced women, even completely inexperienced men report very gratifying results with The Joy of Cooking. 

One medical officer on an aircraft carrier thanked her on behalf of 175 officers "for priceless guidance" and her contribution to morale. He wrote: "When the latest committee took over six months ago, it was when the going was the toughest, when the men were most tense, the supplies at their meagerest, and the food routine. To make matters worse none of us knew anything about cooking and our early sincere attempts merely brought the improvements expected of a new broom. Not until someone found your book among the belongings of the Captain's boy, did the remarkable happen. We thumbed hungrily through its pages, bringing out, time after time, clusters of culinary gems. The criteria of a recipe's trial were just the presence of its ingredients in our larder; though some minor ones had to be imagined, the results were so perfect that before long even the pilots, who had been thistles in our hair, were forced to admit the excellence of the cuisine." 


Condition: Dust jacket has a lot of tears with some parts torn off altogether. Some pages have foxing. Cloth cover in fair condition. Overall, just fair condition. 

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