John Ash Cookbook: From Earth to the Table

This John Ash Cookbook: From Earth to the Table - is a Julia Child Cookbook Award Book of the Year winner. This is a major recognition and indicates it is one of the best contemporary cookbooks published. It brings you 300 recipes that feature fresh seasonal ingredients and wine country cuisine from one of the country's top chefs.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 429 pages. 

Copyright: 1995, First Edition, First Printing 

Publisher: Dutton 

Author: John Ash 

ISBN: 9780525940005

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Description:  In the heart of the wine country, in the fields, gardens, wineries and kitchens of Northern California, a revolution is occurring. Global influences from Latin American to Asian have inspired new dishes. Lower-fat, high-flavor preparations, including an array of "new mother sauces" -- marinades, vinaigrettes, pestos, chutneys, salsas, stock reductions and juices -- have replaced traditional methods. And, as well, dramatic changes have occurred in wine-making and in the way wine is paired with food. 

Chef John Ash, Culinary Director of Fetzer Vineyards, is among the most talented and innovative forerunners of this movement. Under his supervision, The Fetzer Food and Wine Education Center at Valley Oaks is home to one of the world's most ambitious culinary experiments. Thousands of varieties of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs are cultivated here. 

From the Earth to the Table brings you more than 300 recipes featuring fresh seasonal ingredients and distinctive flavor combinations. Organized by course and main ingredient, From the Earth to the Table is a full-scale cookbook featuring Salads and Soups; Pastas, Pizzas, and Risottos; Poultry; Fish; Meats; Vegetarian Main Courses; Desserts; Breads and Beverages. "Ten Quick Tips on Perfect Food and Wine Pairing" and wine suggestions with each recipe offer fresh insights into matching food with wine. 

Fish Tacos with Citrus Salsa and Cabbage Slaw are complemented by a light, fruity Chenin Blanc; Pecan Sauce makes a heavenly combination; while Rigatoni with Roasted Cauliflower and Parsley Pesto is excellent buffet fare. Desserts range from Lemon-Verbena Ice Cream and Lavender Blueberry soup to a robust Jack Daniels Sun-Dried Cherry Tart. Recipes for Biscotti and other baked goods; pizza toppings; zesty saucings, rubs and marinades; teas and coolers; as well as tips on using herbs and edible flowers and notes on sources round out this magnificent collection. 

In the words of John Ash, "The food production chain is really very simple. We plant it, we grow it, we gather it, we cook it, and then we eat it. When this process occurs with a certain immediacy and a minimum of interference, and if it is nurtured by people who are truly passionate about what they are doing, the results can be glorious." 


Condition: Good condition. 

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