Jill Walker's Cooking in Barbados Cookbook

Jill Walker's Cooking in Barbados is a regional cookbook with recipes from the island of Barbados. Jellied Grapefruit, Seafood Tart, Shrimp Souffle, and Coconut Caramels are some of the recipes that make this regional culinary resource a favorite among locals and tourists alike. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 98 pages 

Copyright: 1986 

Publisher: Best of Barbados 

Author: Charlotte Hingston 

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Description: Cooking in Barbados cookbook features local ingredients and many traditional recipes; in addition it is full of Jill Walker's delightfully descriptive drawings. Unusual local ingredients which often puzzle our visitors are described and illustrated. Many of the ingredients are available abroad, but if not, most of the recipes are readily adaptable. We hope that our book will cause considerable nostalgia among Barbadians living overseas. 

One good reason that Cooking in Barbados has been so long in the making is that we have made and tested every recipe. Of the ones we finally chose none is overly exotic or expensive and most are potential family favorites. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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