Jewish Holiday Cakes Cookbook

The Jewish Holiday Cakes cookbook includes 70 holiday cake recipes with color photos of the final cakes. Easy-to-Make Cheesecake, Chocolate Covered Cheesecake, Hamentaschen, Dried Fruit Strudel ... you get the idea ... delicious cake recipes you can prepare for your next Jewish holiday meal. 


Format: Paperback, 164 pages 


Publisher: Adama Books 

Author: Hana Shaulov 

ISBN: 9780915361502

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Description: Jewish holidays are family occasions, and a homemade cake is the ideal way to end a festive dinner or an afternoon get-together. As each holiday approaches, the hostess tries to find new recipes, and new cakes typical of the particular holiday. 

The Jewish Holiday Cakes cookbook contains over seventy holiday cake recipes. The cakes are all traditional and do not use any substitutes or mixes. Some Jewish holidays are associated with various tastes and ingredients. Rosh Hashanah is characterized by honey. Ground poppy seeds are used on Purim, cheese is typical of Shavuot and cakes baked without flour are served during Passover. 

However, some festive occasions are celebrated outside, where family and friends gather. In the chapter dealing with Sukkot I have included cakes that are easy to cut and serve in the Sukkah, or "hut" in which the holiday is traditionally celebrated. The cakes in the chapter dealing with Independence Day are suitable for picnics as well as parties. 

And, of course, there are the holidays which are not traditionally Jewish. Many children wonder what to prepare for Mother's Day, and everyone is always on the look-out for new ideas for birthday cakes. The chapter titled "Special Occasions" was added for this purpose, and includes various ideas for festive, easy-to-make cakes. Remember, you can bake every cake in this book for all occasions. The chocolate cake in the last chapter, for instance, is suitable for Passover since it does not contain flour. All the cakes in the book are ideal for afternoon coffee or a lazy Sunday afternoon, so leaf through the book before you decide on which cake to prepare. 

The color photographs demonstrate how the finished cake should look, but they should be used as general guidelines. Let your imagination run free, and practice the variations included in the recipes. 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in nice condition. Back cover has a light crease. 

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