Jewish Cooking Secrets From Here and Far Cookbook

Jewish Cooking Secrets From Here and Far Cookbook was inspired by the Congregation Beth Israel. It offers Jewish recipes that have been tailored to be a bit healthier with less cholesterol and sodium. 


Format: Softcover, 192 pages. 


Publisher: Samuel Wachtman's Sons 

Author: Lorraine Gerstl 

ISBN: 9781888820010

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Description: There is something very special about Jewish cooking. It's universal, it's undefinable, it's the taste and aroma of simpler times. It's a way of cooking as old as Adam and Eve and as new as tomorrow. There's loads of cholesterol here, and sodium, too, but there's love and nourishment and a people who've always been able to laugh in the midst of sadness. And best of all, many of these recipes have been altered just enough to cut down on the heavy calories without sacrificing the honest-to-goodness taste.

The original concept for this book came from the Congregation Beth Israel, a diverse congregation whose members hail from as far away as Russia, South Africa, Australia, and virtually every state in America. We also collected recipes from other sources, including delicatessens and Kosher restaurants throughout North America and distinguished Jewish "home chefs" in places as geographically distant as Cape Town, Vienna and London.


Condition: Good condition. 

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