Jewish Cooking from Around the World

Jewish Cooking from Around the World features over 150 recipes for traditional favorites like Potato Latkes and Potato Kugel. There are also international Jewish recipes from Morocco, Tunis, Denmark, and other countries from across the globe. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 188 pages. 

Copyright: 1986 

Publisher: Smithmark Publishers 

Author: Josephine Levy Bacon 

ISBN: 9780831751975

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Description: Jewish cooking is so much more than chopped liver and potato pancakes. It is the rich heritage of a people scattered across the globe to find their way in vastly different cultures. Whether they settled in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia, or Spain, Jews both influenced the cooking of other peoples and adapted their ways to the food of their new lands. There is perhaps no other cuisine that embraces so many tastes and cooking styles. 

Discover the fragrance of a Turkish pilaf stuffed with apricots, golden raisins, and pistachio nuts; the heartiness of a Romanian tomato-rice soup or a vegetable barley soup made with wild mushrooms; the lightness of an Israeli chicken stuffed with orange. Here are superb recipes for both popular and lesser-known Ashkenazic, Sephardic, Italian, Middle Eastern, and North African dishes. All recipes are keyed as Meat, Dairy, Pareve, Kosher for Passover, or Can Be Slow-Cooked for Sabbath. Whether it be sweet and sour eggs or carpe a lajuive, the instructions for making the foods are simple to follow and provide family-pleasing results. 

Here is a new Jewish cookbook that opens wide the fascinating world of Jewish cooking. There are tasty recipes for favorites such as borscht, kreplach, potato latkes, gefilte fish, and stuffed cabbage rolls. But get ready to enjoy a Moroccan chicken with olives, Tunisian-style couscous, Polish tongue with sweet-and-sour sauce, East Indian curried fish, Dutch fish stew, a Sephardic Sabbath baked rice, Austrian egg dumplings, a Persian herb omelet, savory Spanish pastries. 

The tradition of good food continues with recipes for cakes and cookies, breads, candies, and drinks. An Iranian pomegranite dessert, lekach (honey cake) and mandelbrod (almond cookies), Danish wine biscuits, Mount Sinai cakes, apple strudel, and rugelach lend sparkle to your meal. Dependable recipes for challah, Jewish deli-style rye bread, or a gutsy Polish potato bread help grace your table. (There's even a recipe for making your own bagels!) Candies made from carrots, quince, poppyseeds, peanuts, and sesame seeds add a touch of the exotic. And Russian tea, Passover coffee, kefir (yogurt drink), and raisin wine provide a memorable conclusion to your dinner. 

With over 150 recipes and many evocative color photographs, this new cookbook presents an extraordinary gathering of recipes, updated and lightened for today's foods and lifestyles. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has light corner creasing. 

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