Jay Harlow's Beer Lovers Cuisine Cookbook

Jay Harlow's Beer Lovers Cuisine cookbook offers beer drinkers recipes for the best foods to accompany their favorite brew. Sausages and Sauerkraut, Fish and Chips, Smoked Chiles and more. Don't miss this cookbook for your next party. 


Format: Paperback, 131 pages 

Copyright: 1991 

Publisher: Harlow & Ratner 

Author: Jay Harlow 

ISBN: 9780962734526

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Description: Thanks to a growing number of adventuresome brewers, American beer tastes better than ever. And right beside some terrific domestic brews in most markets is an array of fine imported beers from Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. 

An inevitable result of America's growing appreciation for beer is a quest for the best foods to go with it. Sure, pretzels and nachos taste great with a tall cold one, but where do you go from there? Jay Harlow began by looking to the great beer-loving countries of the world, added some tasty ideas of his own, and came up with a broad and appealing array of recipes for every occasion and every taste. 

Included here are sausages with sauerkraut from Germany, fish and chips from England, chicken baked in beer from Brazil, shrimp soup with smoked chiles from Mexico, and a vegetable masala curry from India. Nachos at pretzels are included too, in tastier versions then you've ever had before. For more adventuresome snacking, there are such delights as ginger cashew, Sichuan chile peanuts, and lamb-stuffed dolmas. All of the recipes are easy to prepare and sure to please. Harlow offers suggestions for specific beers and ales with many dishes, but all of the recipes will taste wonderful with whatever your favorite beer happens to be. 

An introductory chapter is packed with clear, down-to-earth advice on buying, storing, and serving beer, and includes helpful guidelines for matching beer with food. 

With Jay Harlow's help, you can discover what beer-lovers all over the world have known for centuries: beer is as appropriate and delicious at the dinner table as it is on the beach or at the ballpark. Beer is good food, and great fun. 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in nice condition. 

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