Japanese One Pot Cookery Cookbook

The Japanese One Pot Cookery cookbook includes one pot recipes, equipment and preparation for this popular cooking style in Japan. Color photos of the dishes are also included on the pages opposite the recipes. The book was first published in 1966 and this second edition followed in 1970. 


Format: Hardcover, 109 pages. Second edition 

Copyright: 1970 Second Edition 

Publisher: Kadansha International Publishers 

Author: Masaru Doi 

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Description: From the author: During my several trips to the United States and Europe, I especially appreciated invitations to parties at private homes. The warm hospitality offered by friends in foreign lands remains in the heart of a lonesome traveler. Always of particular interest to me are the foods served at such parties. Food always reflects the tradition and taste of the people. The menus of various countries may differ, but the friendliness of the people and the atmosphere of parties at home are the same everywhere. 

In Japan, the spirit of wa (unity and harmony) is held in high esteem. Relations between members of the family and friends are highly regarded, and occasions to enhance ties are always sought. The recipes introduced in this book are intended for such parties. When several people gather around a pot to cook, converse, eat and drink, the atmosphere is bound to become as friendly and enjoyable as the food will be delicious.  Equipment and materials for Japanese cookery are being exported in great quantities and it has become a pleasant diversion to have a party "a la japonaise." I have adapted some of the recipes for the convenience of the Western cook and have added variations in an attempt to solve the problem of obtaining ingredients. 


Condition: Cover's laminate has rippling on front and back sides. Also, top and bottom edge of cover shows two light scuffs. First blank page has a small torn hole. 

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