Japanese Cooking Cookbook

Japanese Cooking cookbook teaches you the art of Japanese cuisine. The book is geared toward Western cooks and offers step-by-step illustrations for some of the techniques found inside. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 223 pages 

Copyright: 1984 

Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc. 

Author: Jon Spayde 

ISBN: 9780890098226

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Description: More and more people are finding out about the subtle delights of Japanese cuisine. Authentic Japanese restaurants, once rare enough outside Japan, now flourish in most of the world's major cities. In Japanese restaurants, adventurous eaters-out have discovered a cuisine that combines a classic elegance and beauty of presentation with pristine freshness of ingredients. 

In Japanese Cooking, author Jon Spayde unlocks the secrets of this great culinary tradition for Western readers. He shows, in words and pictures, that it is the very simplicity of Japanese cookery which makes this style of food a highly suitable subject for experiment by the home cook. 

In the process, he explains something of the cultural background and regional variety which contribute to the unique character of Japanese food: Japanese cuisine belongs very firmly to a vigorous and long-established artistic and decorative tradition. In a Japanese restaurant kitchen, even the ingredients, as yet uncooked, are arranged to look their best. Elements of ceremony attend every aspect of food, from the manner in which it is presented to the order in which the dishes, each prepared by a different method, are served. 

The structure of the book reflects this order of presentation. Beginning with a section on essential ingredients, utensils and techniques illustrated by step-by-step photographs and captions, it continues with recipes for soups, grilled, steamed, simmered, deep-fried and one- pot dishes. A section on regional delicacies illustrates some of the influences which have blended to form the national cuisine, and shows that the Japanese insistence on absolute freshness of ingredients produces a strong tradition of local dishes. 

Complete with informative, entertaining background text which relates Japan's cuisine to its people, history and the land itself, Japanese Cooking is a fascinating, wide-ranging and practical introduction to cooking and enjoying Japanese food. 


Condition: Dust jacket has wear at corners. Further good condition. 

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