Janos Restaurant Cookbook Tucson

Janos, Tucson's famed Southwest restaurant shares its recipes in the Janos Recipes and Tales from a Southwest Restaurant cookbook. The dishes inside this showcase southwestern cuisine and the recipes that make Janos a Tuscon Arizona restaurant favorite. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 228 pages. First printing 

Copyright: 1989 

Publisher: Ten Speed Press 

Author: Janos Wilder 

ISBN: 9780898153101

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Description: A small brightly colored sign on an adobe wall near the Tucson Museum of Art is the only clue to finding one of America's most exciting new restaurants. Behind the carved wood doors, Janos Wilder and his staff have created a dining experience that focuses on the color, texture, taste, and style of food as well as the setting in which it is served. Welcome to Janos, where Chef Wilder has blended European training and southwestern cuisine to create a wonderful array of dishes that rely on the very best fresh ingredients. 

Description: When he and his wife Rebecca began Janos, it was with the hope that they could bring together a new cuisine and a remarkable 19th-century adobe residence to make a great restaurant. Their work has gone beyond that to create an accessible, friendly cookbook that draws the reader into a sense of the restaurant as it presents the recipes that have brought Janos its fine reputation. This food is exciting and joyful, drawing on the traditions of many cultures. 



Condition: Good condition. 

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