Jamie Oliver Happy Days with the Naked Chef: Signed Edition

Jamie Oliver Happy Days with the Naked Chef is a hand signed edition with Jamie's autograph. This is one of his earlier books, printed in 2002. Here are some delicious recipes that accompanied his Food Network television series. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 317 pages. 

Copyright: 2002, Second U.S. Edition 

Publisher: Hyperion 

Author: Jamie Oliver 

ISBN: 9780786868520

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Description: For Jamie Oliver, food is all about happy days -- not just cooking superbly fresh and flavorful food, but good fun, great eating, and top-quality time spent with friends and family. Now Jamie, one of the world's best-loved chefs, gives us Happy Days with the Naked Chef, his third book, to accompany his fantastic new television series. 

Jamie believes in finding the best ingredients and making tasty, easy, sociable food with the minimum of fuss. Like his first two books, Happy Days is filled with delicious salads, pastas, meat, fish, breads, and desserts for all occasions. Along with his perfect curry for a night in, he gives you his version of some old favorites in "Comfort Grub" -- try his Chilli Con Carne or indulge in his to-die-for pancakes! In "Quick Fixes" he whips up some really simple, tasty dinners -- just right for when you get home late from work. 

And Happy Days also includes a "Kids' Club" chapter, which is all about catching kids' attention and getting them interested in food. Ifs a starting point for children, to encourage them to have a go at other things in the book with their parents. Get them squashing tomatoes, pouring olive oil, pitting olives, and making bread in no time -- they'll love it. 

Enjoy yourself, get stuck in ... happy days! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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